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Ride a MTB? You’re made of stern stuff

How do you know if you’ve made the transition between ‘casual’ and ‘committed’ MTBer? Well there are probably many indicators that you’ve become addicted to the endorphin rush of riding.

Perhaps it’s when you develop an unhealthy propensity to dribble over the latest bike? Perhaps it’s the disproportionate level of excitement when you get some new kit for your bike? Perhaps it’s when you have a bad stack, get back on your bike and try it again?

Chances are it’s any or all of the above. However. my personal indicator is that when you’ve had a back stack, first thing you check is the bike (never mind the blood…)

So when James G sent me a link to a an article on Mashable, “Helmet cam captures mountain biker crashing into a bear” I have only admiration that Davis Souza, on picking himself up after ‘impacting’ with said bear (which just did not indicate when it pulled out…!), his first and automatic reaction is to start staggering back up the trail – clearly to check his YT.

I’m glad both he and the bear are OK. But what a guy!


So it turns out James’ bike can do this

Good TFIT last night. A good blast around Hankley and despite me, Bob and Malcolm getting a bit lost (just cos it’s a red light Chris does not mean it’s a rear light) a good time was had by all on a v chilly night. A massive thanks to Matt for the use of his Exposure bar light last night (and also to Steve who gallantly carried around another spare which i did not use – sorry Steve!)

Steve put in an admirable performance on his ‘old skool Rockrider’ and Dave had some giggles on the Giant Trance demo bike from Tamed Earth bikes which he’ll be putting to good use this weekend.

I do like the look of the Trance (it was a consideration when I was looking for a new bike) but I can’t get over how cramped and mud-trappy the Maestro suspension makes the bike.

Anyway, James (who didn’t ride as he was nursing man-germs) sent me this last night – Bryan Regnier shredding on his YT Capra. Perhaps motivation for when James comes out next week maybe?

Morzine – I promise I will try to send out ‘Official Morzine Email #4’ this weekend – I have general updates to pass on – 140 days and counting chaps.

Anyway, good luck to Steve, Dave, Mark and Matt who are taking part in the Bramley Ride Trail Event tomorrow.

Oh, and Malcolm:


Morzine 2016: More news

So I’m thoroughly fed-up with the weather.

The motivation to ride at the moment is not high if I’m honest. Usually the only thing I look forward to at this time of year is the Winter Solstice (days are getting longer!!) and the “Jolly Boy’s Outing™” but thankfully, I’ve found something else to cheer me up.

We’ve only gone and found a chalet for Morzine 2016.

Kudos to James “Birthday Bitch” G who found the chalet with sterling efforts from Mark T and Bob M. Personally I suspect James needed to find a “mahoosive chalet” to accommodate the “mahoosive suspension” on his imminently arriving YT Capra CF Pro.


That would be his 170mm Lyrik and 160mm Monarch equipped, SRAM X01 dripping, carbon framed, Mavic rolling, 28 lb beast. It’s not too bad this 40th birthday present malarkey when all is said and done! We wait with baited breath for the Capra to arrive to see how James “smashes the back doors in” of one or two of the local rides.

Whatever the reason, we have found a place to lay our heads, our wheels and our Tea!

We’ve also now ‘expanded’ to a healthy group of 17 (which is a first) with Leigh B and Buz joining us. Thankfully the chalet can accommodate this with room to spare so all is good. All we need is for everyone to pay their deposits then we can book the chalet.

Now that’s defintiely made me feel better

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