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Mucking about with Quik

While I’m waiting for the rest of the house to get up so I/we can cook breakfast for Mrs M this morning I thought I’d muck about with GoPro’s Quik – their video editing software.

Anyway – it’s brief, clunky and not a masterpiece by any standards but here goes.

Just over 100 days chaps


Alpine Preparation for Stephan F

So Mr F sent me some GoPro footage from his Mare Hill shenanigans last night which has become his very efficient “use of time” while his kids are at cricket!

Looks like he’s still trying to beat Andy C’s KOM on the “Alpine-esque” challenges of the Witley Descent but despite a couple of cracking runs Andy is still clinging on by one second.

You’ve gotta love a local trail in the woods

Note to Morzine riders with GoPro’s

Just seen this excellent video by Tim from Wales – While you were working.

I recommend all those who are taking GoPro’s to Morzine take a look and note how Tim’s created a superb (and from a single ride I might add!) edit by using different camera angles to get some really groovy footage – all with a GoPro. Just Brilliant!

Although I’m slightly disturbed to read GoPro are discontinuing the GoPro Session apparently – that will be off the pre-Morzine present list then.

Mr B is “Back in the Saddle”

So I’ve just come back from a highly pleasing ride up to Gibbets and back and I do believe the dry trails resulted in several KOM’s without a shadow of a doubt. I know this because I totally forgot to switch Strava on because I am a Muppet….

Anyway,  aside from the dry trails and distinctly spring like weather, doubly pleasing this weekend, Strava (and email) informs me the Leigh B is back in the saddle after a six week lay-off due to a severely knackered shoulder / trapped nerve which is excellent news in a “130 days until Morzine” kinds of way. Leigh choose to mark the occasion with this *superb* (ahem) video edit made with his newly acquired GoPro which frankly made me spit my coffee over my keyboard! Move over Steven Spielberg is all I can say. Just priceless.

And speaking of coffee, Leigh also shared what possibly could be the ‘must have’ accessory for the Surrey Mountain Biker this year – the Handspresso! I kid you not – reviewed in MBR I would guess, the perfect thing for a trailside pick-me-up for the ‘carbon Elsworth‘ enthusiast?


Steve’s Sick Edit…

Well, perhaps more like “Steve’s Sick Edit that demonstrates why camera position is important while using your GoPro”. That said, nice to see Mr F giving the S4P second and third lines a good spanking. I have sadly not been able to borrow the camera from work so Wales footage duty is down to Mr D, Mr F and Mr W (if he can find his camera).

South Wales here we come

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