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Cow Cam

Just watched a brilliant video by Tim from Wales with some highly sage advice for those of us who aspire to make slightly more interesting MTB footage with just your GoPro.

Tim is a not only a bit of an expert on getting the best out of your action cam (although I think I’m a bit more scared about standing on mine!) but also a friend of the “squirty cream”.

Anyway, if you’re looking for some GoPro inspiration for your next MTB edit I highly recommend you check out the post on Tim’s blog here.

Watch it to the end… I’m still having nightmares…


Note to Morzine riders with GoPro’s

Just seen this excellent video by Tim from Wales – While you were working.

I recommend all those who are taking GoPro’s to Morzine take a look and note how Tim’s created a superb (and from a single ride I might add!) edit by using different camera angles to get some really groovy footage – all with a GoPro. Just Brilliant!

Although I’m slightly disturbed to read GoPro are discontinuing the GoPro Session apparently – that will be off the pre-Morzine present list then.

Rémy Métailler

Following on from my ‘marble’ rant, I’ve been browsing WordPress for “all things Mountain Bike” and came across a fantastic post by Tim from Wales called “Slice and Dice” about MTB films in general but specifically UK centric ones from British “videographer” (right phrase?) Tom Caldwell of Caldwell Visuals. Check out the post, it is well worth a read, not least for the trailer to Tom’s latest film “A Slice of British Pie” which looks awesome.

Anyway, following on Tim’s post I was idly browsing having checked out Tom’s profile there and randomly came across this trailer from Commençal rider Rémy Métailler which is just mental – it’s his (GoPro) POV of 2015.


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