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First bit of “dribble” kit for 2017? That would be the All In Multitool

Mr F just sent me a small nugget this afternoon which 100% qualifies in the “OMG I need one of these in my life for no other reason than it’s just awesome” camp.

The “All In Multitool” that you store inside the hollow of your crank? Oh yes please.

No more faffing by the trailside as you fumble through your bag in winter gloves looking for the tool you “are sure you packed” earlier.

Genius. Isn’t it just brilliant to see lateral thinking in action.

You can check out the full article on here


The perfect helmet?

We all like our Bell Super 2r helmets. We must do, we’ve pretty much all bought one.

But could they be just that little bit “more perfect”?

I give you the creative explosion that is Steve F…


And the other “nominees” are:

  • Bell-yflop
  • Bell-yache
  • Bell-adonna (not the plant…)
  • Bell-ieve
  • Bell-uga
  • Ring my Bell
  • Misla-Bell-ed
  • Un-Bell-ievable

WTF? No really… What were you thinking?

Minimal? Weight saving? Home-made? Confusing?


All of these are true of this slightly confusing bike mod image sent through by Steve F. Tempted Andy? And as for Leigh B’s comment – just ‘wow’ indeed!

The thing that astounds me the most though is there was a moment when someone stood back from this and thought “that’s it, perfect’…

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