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Yoga for Mountain Bikers

So I’ve been back on my favourite “perfect-end-of-the-work-day-friend-for-fifteen-minutes” Vimeo and found the following which is available from Vimeo on Demand for £2.49.

Yoga for Mountain Bikers by yoga instructor Abi Carver.

Somewhat relevant as I think to a man, every one of the TFIT crowd has had some treatment or other from Luck’s Yard at some point (including both Matt W and James G yesterday) AND seeing as two of our long suffering wives are yoga instructors I can see this as having some relevance. Especially as apparently we keep getting older and apparently show no sign of slowing down…

Personally I think there is about as much chance of me bending like that as there is of me getting a KOM off Steve this year however I think this looks like a really good idea.

As long as I don’t have to wear pink shorts that is…


MTB Heroes

If you are in need of some motivation to get out on your bike, I think you need look no further than “Vimeo On Demand” (geddit? Do you see what those clever Marketing people did there….)

Ahem, anyway – yep, Vimeo are providing VOD rental which you can watch via the usual channels including apps for iOS, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast and judging by the quality of the film-making on display here I think this beats most of the other VOD services hands down for MTB related footage.

The pricing is very keen as well – for example £3.90 rents six 20+ minute episodes of MTB Heroes Series 1, £11.90 buys them.

“Gravity is the coolest thing ever” – possibly quote of the year?

10 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have Done

Well it’s Friday although its only 3.00 pm I have to confess I’m bored of coding and looking at Cloudwatch alarms, so I hope you enjoy this awesome film from Filme von Draussen as much as I did:

I’ve clocked up seven which I’m quite pleased with!

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