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The rules and things for Spring

It’s November and Autumn has well and truly arrived. We had a soggy and muddy one last week and it’s looking like a similar Thursday night will be had this week

So Dave D has ordered himself a new rear wheel – a Stans ZTR Flow for his Bandit to replace the one that died.

I also need a set of these in my life to replace my slightly warped rear Revolution TBC and when I have £450 lying around I will do just that…

Mr D has also found and re-distributed “The Rules” again. These are always worth a read but I have to be honest – roadies are a bit weird. That said however, never was there a better rule that rule #47 pointed out by Andy C:

#47: Drink Tripels, don’t ride triples.

Cycling and beer are so intertwined we may never understand the full relationship. Beer is a recovery drink, an elixir for post-ride trash talking and a just plain excellent thing to pour down the neck. We train to drink so don’t fool around. Drink quality beer from real breweries. If it is brewed with rice instead of malted barley or requires a lime, you are off the path. Know your bittering units like you know your gear length. Life is short, don’t waste it on piss beer.

Could not have put it any better.


Maintenance is nothing but trouble

So Dave D sent me a text this weekend demonstrating why pre-ride maintenance is highly dangerous!

Personally I prefer the ignorance is bliss approach – but that is mostly because I’m crap at fixing things. It would also possibly explain why I have had more ‘long and lonely walk home’ days than most people.

However, I should note that the cracked spoke hole did NOT stop him actually going for a ride (and an 18 mile 1,300 ft ride at that!) – well done Dave


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