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Playing with the Parrot

As I mentioned earlier this year, I managed to accidentally buy a drone with Matt W, namely a Parrot Bebop 2 which was intended for use in Les Arcs to maybe, just maybe, get some “non-standard-GoPro-hammering-down-the-trail-holding-on-for-grim-death” type footage.

The basic idea was that the Bebop would be small enough to carry in our packs and stable enough to not get blown away by sudden alpine gusts of wind at the top of Mont Jovet on Saturday.

However, with a rapidly diminishing number of days to go before wheels down in Les Arcs 2017 I realised there was a slight flaw in this well thought out plan – basically neither of us have tried:

a) actually carrying the drone in our packs

b) actually trying to film bikes

So, this weekend a few of us headed up to the Punchbowl with the Parrot neatly tucked into Matt’s pack (tick) and with the Parrot’s “Follow Me” functionality installed and ready to go (tick).

Basically what this allows you to do (trees and other obstacles permitting) is get the Parrot to focus on the person carrying the controlling phone and it’ll try its best to auto follow you down the trail, keeping you in focus as best as it can.

There were a couple of “holy crap” moments as the Parrot sailed VERY close to a couple of trees but essentially all was good. You have to ride quite close together if you’re trying to get a group shot and I’m not sure how the Parrot is going to handle if speeds get very high. However, I’m genuinely impressed and it bodes quite well for trying to film above the tree line in the Alps at any rate.

Checkout the our first attempt below.


Cow Cam

Just watched a brilliant video by Tim from Wales with some highly sage advice for those of us who aspire to make slightly more interesting MTB footage with just your GoPro.

Tim is a not only a bit of an expert on getting the best out of your action cam (although I think I’m a bit more scared about standing on mine!) but also a friend of the “squirty cream”.

Anyway, if you’re looking for some GoPro inspiration for your next MTB edit I highly recommend you check out the post on Tim’s blog here.

Watch it to the end… I’m still having nightmares…

Steve’s Sick Edit…

Well, perhaps more like “Steve’s Sick Edit that demonstrates why camera position is important while using your GoPro”. That said, nice to see Mr F giving the S4P second and third lines a good spanking. I have sadly not been able to borrow the camera from work so Wales footage duty is down to Mr D, Mr F and Mr W (if he can find his camera).

South Wales here we come

Hexo+ at PDS 2015

Found an excellent video from the guys at Hexo+, featuring one of their developers, Charles Colas, riding the PDS 2015:

Couple of issues they still need to get sorted out I think – obstacle avoidance and a 12 minute flying time. There are more than a few downhills in Morzine, Avoriaz and Les Get that would drain that flying limit fairly quickly and I’m sure no-one wants to be carrying multiple Hexo+ batteries. On the obstacle avoidance thing – personally I would very much accept the thing just not flying into a tree and going into hover mode!

Still, this is just awesome and I have to say I’m very surprised we did not see more drones in the Alps this year – maybe next time.

Congratulations on doing the PDS Charles – it looked like an awesome year for it.

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