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Morzine 2016: Yeeessssss!

I just a little bit excited! Ok, I’m disgracefully unstoppably explodingly excited to be specific. In fact I’m more excited than “Excited Jack McExcited, winner of this year’s Mr Excited competition” (all due plaudits to Richard Curtis and Ben Elton)

So it’s been a long, long, long tedious wait for today ever since I first thought about the possibility of this year’s trip (as I ran down the Les Gets bikepark trail for the last time).

Since then it’s all come together nicely, so a big thanks to all who have assisted, ventured an opinion, put up with “incessant emails” and generally tolerated my “constant wittering” about it…

I confess I’ve been slowly counting down the days, and not metaphorically speaking, every single flipping day until we’ve reached this most halcyon of days…. departure day!!!!

This evening 15 of us TFITers/MRMTBers/Notable Others will be wending our way to Gatwick, Heathrow and Bristol to board flights to Geneva. We lovingly packed the MVOJ last night and uttered soothing words to our steeds as they were whisked away.

So speaking of the MVOJ, Andy T and Peter H are already “en-France dans le MVOJ” and are hopefully having a good journey. I’ll post some updates here if I get any during the day.

So all I have to do now is count the minutes until 4:00pm. For those of you heading out from Witley later – you need to be at Matt W’s to catch a van at 4:15pm. That’s now Bob, Mark, Matt, Steve, Tim, Malcolm, Leigh, Buz and Tig. Oh, if you’re looking for Mr B and Buz, they’ve been in a pub in Witley since 2:30pm…

Me, Craig D, Andy C and James G are heading to Gatwick straight from work. Andy P will be departing from Bristol later.

The flight out of Gatwick (North Terminal) is EZY8482, departing at 20.15. So, if you are reading this at work, can I just say “Passport? Wallet? Hand luggage?”. And I’ll see most of you in Gatwick later for a pre-flight pint.


Les Gets “gearing” up for Crankworx

Oh ho ho ho – what a witty blog title… Ahem

Anyway, just read excellent post on about the developments in Les Gets for Crankworx next month and oh Lordy me those are some large obstacles. I particularly like the vertiginous mid-tree drop-off. It also looks like there is a who’s who of top riders participating fingers crossed.

Apparently you can watch Crankworx live on and at as it kicks off on 16th June. I will be.

Les Gets Tabletops

Apparently we have only 83 days until wheels down in Morzine 2016. So to celebrate this I was idly browsing (ok, I’m trying to eat some time up before I go home, you got me..) bike related blogs and specifically

So I was very interested to happen across a video of the author Cat sessioning the table-tops in Les Gets which have been a topic of conversation recently with the trip getting ever closer.

Last year when we stayed in Les Gets, we spent the Friday blowing the cobwebs out on this very slope, trying and mostly failing to emulate exactly what Cat does so very well in this video. I advise you all watch it and take careful note of Cat’s entry speed:

That’s the way to do it! Personally I reckon the way to tackle these is to start a little way up the end of Squirrels, NOT from the ‘Gathering Place of dudes’ under the trees.

Les Gets 2015

Although this blog is not technically about the “last trip” (sorry Steve) to Les Gets, Buz just sent over an excellent photo which I just had to post.

Top of Avoriaz, blue skies, generally good all round. Who’s up for going next year? Too soon…?

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