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Trail Gold in the Maritime Alps — The Inside Line, Emily Horridge

What does a Pro MTB Guide do on a rare day off? Well, if you’re Les Arcs MTB Guide Emily Horridge you go riding in the Maritime Alps! Check out Emily’s latest post on her site via the link below:


I was recently asked what fascinates me most about mountain biking. My answer: the places my bike takes me. Years ago I ended up in Graz, Austria because of bikes. Heard of it? I hadn’t. This amazing city full of gothic looking architecture was a complete unknown to me. There were also some sweet-ass dirt […]

via Trail Gold in the Maritime Alps — The Inside Line

Les Arcs MTB: Emily Horridge, La Varda and Mont Jovet

We have 93 days until Les Arcs 2017 and so it’s very timely that James G sent me a cracking link last night to a video he found of Emily Horridge, our guide on the Saturday of “The Foam Tour” as we head up to (and down) Mont Jovet.

The video shows Emily absolutely hammering down another highly fabled trail in the region “La Varda” and having seen a couple of other YouTube specials of this trail, all I can say is just “OH MY GOD”. Aside from clearly being awesome on an MTB I’ve also decided Emily is 183.2% cooler than I already thought she was due to the Transition Bikes logo at the start of the vid (these things matter…!). If you’ve got 10 minutes and you want to appreciate just how hard Emily is riding the trail, watch the video and then compare to the (highly respectable) video of the same trail on the DirtMountainBike article below. I think the word I’m looking for here is “commitment”…

This sent me on a quick Googlespasm and I came across this great article on DirtMountainBike:  “Here are another three amazing Alpine tracks that you’ve got to go and ride” which quotes TrailAddiction boss Ali Jamieson listing three amazing videos (at least one I’ve posted previously by Lars Thore Aarrestad) and what do you know – the article has both La Varda and Mont Jovet listed. The La Varda trail is described “Technical, scenic and exposed” and Mont Jovet as “Out and Out the longest, best and most varied flow-fest of a trail, ever


Les Arcs MTB: Obsessing about Mont Jovet

Yep it’s true. I’m thinking about this a bit too much!

We have a little over 3 months until we hit Les Arcs this summer for a weekend of MTB related shenanigans and on the Saturday of the weekend, Emily Horridge from The Inside Line is taking us on a little adventure up a small hill (I wish) called Mont Jovet.

Despite starting at the highest point possible in La Plagne we still have 500m to climb up to the summit with a “20-30 minute hike a bike” which I’ve heard described as “the hardest climb [on a bike] of my life”.


However I should caveat this by saying the descent from Mont Jovet has also been described as “the best descent of my life”. If I’m honest, I’m clinging onto that second description rather than the former.

However, in tribute to this current of my many obsessions take a look (specifically Mark T) at this “because it’s Friday” video from Yann L on YouTube:

Les Arcs: 100 days to go

Woop Woop there’s 100 days to go. That, by any definition, counts as a good day.

Yep, in 100 days from today the TFITers will be wheels down in Les Arcs for the “2017 Foam Tour” and the next 100 days cannot go quickly enough in my book. To slightly focus the mind of the TFIT massive – that would be 14 weeks and 2 days in old money.

Working on the principle of 3 rides a week thats only 42 rides until the Mont Jovet climb of pain…. *gulp*. However, the clocks have changed and we are in the realm of post-work rides so this is only a good thing.

So, what else do we need to know seeing as time is getting short? Over to our “man in the know”, Steve F for the details:

Super Important News

The 2nd Deposit of £200 due from everyone (excluding drivers) by 5th April. No excuses please. This will leave a final balance of £185 due around 15th June.

Other Important News

  • There is still a bucket load of snow on the hills – check out the webcams here
  • Steve is fully in control of all things Les Arcs – but ping him any questions if you’re in doubt
  • James G is now coming to the party after initially denying any interest and then swooping in at the last minute. It’s all about the “Foam Tour” t-shirt methinks. Anyway, we have now cancelled one of the hire cars and James has booked two smaller cars instead. Bottom line is we can all now fit in and this is a good thing
  • Emily has promised not to break any of us. Actually, no, she hasn’t
  • In terms of the new bike front, Matt has got his new Transition Smuggler, I have just taken delivery of my new Transition Scout (it’s large, black and a total trail nutter). Steve F has a mended and enhanced Specialized FSR and a certain Mark “Foam King” T has just taken delivery of one Mojo/Nicolai Geometron frame…
  • Mr F has produced an excellent tour logo – “The Foam Tour” and Matt “T-Shirt Inc” W is getting these onto t-shirts, I am contemplating a tattoo on my left bum cheek. Yes, it’s that good!
  • Don’t forget to get insurance for the trip. I used snowcard last year and found them ideal for what we are doing. Others are available.

So, if you’re chomping at the bit like me and just for your general perusal, enjoy the following nuggets of “Les Arcs Goodness” from the interweb and thanks to Anant Patel, PJ Channel and Vincent Pernin for sharing the love.

The Inside Line

Woop Woop. It’s another red letter day!

So we are now 171 days from wheels down in Les Arcs 2017 and things are coming together nicely. Mr F is performing sterling duties wrangling the unruly mob that is the TFITers into some kind of organised state and I’ve even managed to pay my deposit – it’s a miracle.

However the most exciting news of the day is that I’ve been in touch with the lovely Emily Horridge from I’ve been following Emily’s blog for a bit now after discovering her on but with our impending Les Arcs trip in mind it was this article on PinkBike that kicked me into gear to contact her.

The great news is that on the Saturday of our trip Emily has agreed to take us on one of her special trip days out to Mont Jovet.

Am I excited? Yep. Am I completely intimidated? You know it!

I love riding in the Alps. It is one of the highlights of my riding year and I am so utterly excited that we are going to be shown some secrets and just all round epic riding by someone who not only knows the Les Arcs trails like the back of her hand and the grins they bring but who also has more bike talent then we collectively have x10!

Anyway, if you wondering what Mont Jovet is all about, take a look at these videos from Glitchy Pics, Lars Thore Aarrestad and BicyclingSA on YouTube:

Roll on Les Arcs and do check out both Emily’s site and the PinkBike article. By the way… Mark… it’s a bit high…


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