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Popty Ping: Bike Park Wales

Came across this little nugget this morning which I thought I’d share – not least cos it’s a cracking video!

Apparently a new trail has opened at Bike Park Wales called “Popty Ping” – which is probably the noise my knees would make if I tried to emulate the riders in the video. I’ve still not made it to BPW yet (and fairly sure no other TFITers have?) but Leigh B has for sure and reports are generally all round excellent.

This new trail looks flipping epic. Do I hear “summer trip” anyone (uplift not withstanding…)

Transition: Over the Hill

Nice video just popped in my inbox from Mr D – a submission from Transition Bikes in which the line “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”. Highly approve of that.

So in honour of all things Transition AND the impending South Wales mini-extravaganza this weekend in Cwmcarn, Afan and BPW (if time allows):

Over The Hill from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

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