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Mojo/Nicolai Geometron: MTB in disguise

Incoming new ride alert…! “Rumours abound” that a certain Mojo/Nicolai Geometron (frame at any rate) has been spotted on Surrey.

So Mark T, who has a “significant” birthday this year is rewarding himself with a totally “significant” and totally custom ride – a Mojo / Nicolai Geometron. I’m going to be fascinated to see this steed when it arrives in completed form, and I have made Mark promise to do a full build up, kit and ride review, but for the moment Mark has teased us with some “selective detail” shots

Even in it’s unfinished state – it’s looking rather lovely!!


You’ve gotta love Transition

So as previously blogged, Matt W has built a custom Transition Covert 29er. She’s a thing of beauty and resprayed ‘stealth black’ to boot. However she can be a frisky madam – she dumped me in 6 inches of mud (at least I think it was mud…) on Monday night for doing something wrong. Matt is rightly proud of his creation so dropped an email to Transition and you’ve gotta love the non-corporate response:

That thing looks SICK. Nice work! I had to get a couple guys in here to drool over those photos. So far we’ve got some stuff in the works for the next year but nothing set in stone. Everything just keeps getting better, but I do love the Covert. That frame is just solid  and stealth for sure. Thanks for making us look good!


And THAT is one of the reasons why I love Transition…

Coming soon to a TFIT near you…

So Andy C has only gone an replaced his bike.

Details are sketchy and there are only ‘rumours’ of sightings in the woods, but if those rumours are true it’s a RockShox Pike RC Solo 160mm, Crake Creek DB Inline, SRAM X1 and Shimano bedecked trail monster…. BMC’s take on things is here.

Andy C… with suspension… on a trail beaster… Heaven help us all…

YeT another early present (do you see what I did there..)

Yes indeed, James G’s YT Capra has arrived and Oh My God he picked quite possibly the second most unpleasant evening of the winter to take it out on it’s maiden voyage.

But what a bike Mr G has acquired – so much travel and sooooo light. As with Mark T’s new toy, it’s still early days for an overall conclusion but James’ initial impressions are all good. Not that the three of us who rode gave it a proper thrashing but James indicated it climbs and rolls well. We will see what kind of a mahoosive grin he has the first time he spanks Marbles on it.

I have to admit the Capra looks a very, very tidy bike – the detailing is excellent as you would expect from our Teutonic cousins. As with Mark’s monster there could be a potential mud trap at the rear of the shock but I suspect the Germans have thought about this…

And to think, I was excited about my new Sealskinz socks!

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