Yes indeed, James G’s YT Capra has arrived and Oh My God he picked quite possibly the second most unpleasant evening of the winter to take it out on it’s maiden voyage.

But what a bike Mr G has acquired – so much travel and sooooo light. As with Mark T’s new toy, it’s still early days for an overall conclusion but James’ initial impressions are all good. Not that the three of us who rode gave it a proper thrashing but James indicated it climbs and rolls well. We will see what kind of a mahoosive grin he has the first time he spanks Marbles on it.

I have to admit the Capra looks a very, very tidy bike – the detailing is excellent as you would expect from our Teutonic cousins. As with Mark’s monster there could be a potential mud trap at the rear of the shock but I suspect the Germans have thought about this…

And to think, I was excited about my new Sealskinz socks!