So as previously blogged, Matt W has built a custom Transition Covert 29er. She’s a thing of beauty and resprayed ‘stealth black’ to boot. However she can be a frisky madam – she dumped me in 6 inches of mud (at least I think it was mud…) on Monday night for doing something wrong. Matt is rightly proud of his creation so dropped an email to Transition and you’ve gotta love the non-corporate response:

That thing looks SICK. Nice work! I had to get a couple guys in here to drool over those photos. So far we’ve got some stuff in the works for the next year but nothing set in stone. Everything just keeps getting better, but I do love the Covert. That frame is just solid  and stealth for sure. Thanks for making us look good!


And THAT is one of the reasons why I love Transition…