So not TFIT for me last night, have work related shenanigans today that require clear, shiny mind and non-weary body, however the faithful were in attendance in the slime last night – all kudos deserved.

Anyway, I did miss a significant event last night – the unveiling of Matt W’s hand-built Transition Covert 29er, so without further ado, I give you the words of Matt W – oh, and Matt – just a legendary headset cover…:

Covertly Blogging

We’ll, I’ve given her a good squirt with my hose and lubed her up ready for the next session…

Sat here with my obligatory post TFIT (shell station freebie glass) of wine that Ness left out, am I that predictable?.. I felt it only ‘just’ that I share my limited ability to blog..

She’s definitely a looker alright..

Whether it’s new bike bravado, a larger wheel placebo or a genuine rolling advantage, I certainly felt something different, you’ll be glad to hear.. There is certainly a place for both or all three (controversial), wheel sizes.

Certainly felt a bit more stable, I’m definitely SRAM not Shimano (but I knew that)..

For a first (shake down ride) it looks good.

How is she different from the 650b bandit? Well, the bandit feels lower and more squat and I’d say more playful, whilst the covert 29 seems to gluide over things easier..

Whether it’s better or not is down to personal preference…

Me, I like potatoes and I like potartoes……

Tutty bye… 🙂