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Fails of the Month

April Fails of the Month

Bit slow in adding this one onto the blog, but here are PinkBike’s April Fails of the Month. Hat’s off to all the riders for sharing these nearly hero moments.

I really like (that is so not the right word) Aliso Viejo’s reverse road gap – however, I have to confess my absolute favourite is from bikeaddict123 and his “Guildford” fail. Not too sure where that is but OMG – just ouch!

Check all the video contenders out on PinkBike.



Fails of the Month and a Proper Tool

No, not that kind of tool!

Although having just ‘winced’ my way through the “February Fails of the Month” on Pinkbike, perhaps very apt indeed.

Mark T’s favourite is #1 from iseagram on Pinkbike (the image above should give you some idea…just ouch…) but I like #6, “No Hander, No Lander”, from Luke north of the border. Take a look below if you’re feeling brave, Luke very much was! You can also check out his other excellent videos on his YouTube channel.

The “proper tool” Mark also sent over was Trailforks Trail Finder – excellent use of technology this with a detailed global “trails you need to ride”. The Top Trails in the World List is something to peruse for everyone’s MTB bucket list. Well worth a visit!


Fails of the Month – December

James, are you not working today or something?

So, James has volunteered another excellent post, this time from – “Fails of the Month – December“.

I can only hope that all featured in the videos were not too badly broken and I have to say, massive kudos to mountainbikegeezer, for not only making his skinny dropoff crash video available to the masses (we’ve all done something similar but less are prepared to admit to it), but also for his excellent analysis of what went wrong!

I also think James is correct – we need a TFIT top ten crash list. So in honour of his 40th birthday week I give you the current:

TFIT Top 9 10 15 16 Crash Fails

  1. Bob. Morzine. Nuff said.
  2. Andy P falling down a cliff in Morzine
  3. Bob, collarbone, Little London
  4. Tim, collarbone (plus Mark T and Chris G shaped holes) in the first “post-Morzine I” TFIT ride
  5. Malcolm W vs house, Surrey – house wins
  6. James vs 8 foot gap jump, UK Bike Skills – post jump obstacle wins
  7. Andy C vs tabletop, Morzine – tabletop wins
  8. Dave D vs Mark T, Surrey – on the corner on the descent to the White Heart – corner wins
  9. Steve F, Morzine, riding the flat plaza – gravity wins
  10. Dave D, Surrey, Wheelie outside White Horse – gravity wins… again
  11. Tim W, Surrey, reverse skid through fence near Tranny Hill
  12. Andy C, Surrey – bomb hole up near Gibbets.
  13. Mark T, Surrey – stuck in the the first Mark shaped hole
  14. Dave D, Morzine – near death OTB at the top of final run into Morzine
  15. Chris G, Surrey – learning not to follow Andy C on a downhill near Winkworth
  16. Chris G & Steve F, Surrey – synchronised “slow motion crash off boardwalk into swamp” on Thursley Common

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