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5 Reasons to MTB in Morzine this year

Clearly I’m somewhat biased about this, with only 26 days until our 2016 trip, however I had to post this excellent article Dave D sent me from Dirt Mountain Bike – 5 Reasons 2016 could be Morzine’s Best Summer Ever by James Smurthwaite.

Aside from the obvious Crankworx and accomodation points, I was very interested that James notes the lifts are open longer and have generally improved for bikes but specifically the very relevant improvements in the Zore (above Super Morzine) and Chatel runs. And just because it’s on YouTube, here is a gratuitous teaser for the Champéry runs:

I remember talking to the guys at UpTheAlps last year about the summer season in Portes du Soleil and they were telling me about the general criticisms that had been levelled at the resort by local businesses who were generally concerned about the outflow of MTB riders to competing resorts. Mostly, it was felt, brought on by a lack of investment in the number and quality of the PDS trails and lifts. Well, it would appear the resort has listened and we wait with baited breath to see what these improvements are like.

I also have to point you in the general direction of another awesome video Mr D sent me of “Inner MTB Monologue” himself, the awesome Claudio Calouri route testing Leogang in the wet with Aaron Gwin (and chainless to boot!).

Claudio is simply a legend. Aaron Gwin is also simply a legend. And I love Claudio’s “rock garden noises” so very, very much (“Gah kak ka ak gah ka” is needed on a t-shirt). Check out the video on RedBull here.


Claudio Calouri’s Best Bits

Thank you Claudio Calouri and Red Bull for this highly amusing Friday snippet of how we all sound when we go faster than we should.

Which is always – right?

The Internal Monologue of the Mountain Biker

Well played David D – superb Monday afternoon video just sent through.

To quote Bullet Tooth Tony from Snatch – “There are two types of balls….” and Claudio Calouri’s are big and brave.

I can’t really put it any other way

Also if I’m honest this is what my “internal monologue” sounds like when I’m riding pretty much most of the time except with a minimum of 50% more swearing.

I do not know how these guys get down this course. Just awesome

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