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Afan in October

So Afan done and dusted, a couple of minor mechanicals but all back in one piece. Steve has put up a very quick Afan edit for general enjoyment which is below. By God it was dry for Wales in October! Overriding conclusions of the weekend are:

1. Welsh rocks are large
2. “The Blade” is ok in sections
3. The skills park was awesome
4. “Sambuca Taboo” is a great game. Until the morning
5. It was quite nice to watch South Africa beat Wales…. in Wales
6. July 2016 is the current favourite for Morzine 2016


Day 1 Afan done

Day 1 done – long journey here (God how I hate the M4) but we got some excellent runs in just above Bryn Bettws Lodge.


Chicken Curry and Lamb Shank consumed and we’ve had to ask Matt to replenish the Tea supply tomorrow

Game on

Steve’s Sick Edit…

Well, perhaps more like “Steve’s Sick Edit that demonstrates why camera position is important while using your GoPro”. That said, nice to see Mr F giving the S4P second and third lines a good spanking. I have sadly not been able to borrow the camera from work so Wales footage duty is down to Mr D, Mr F and Mr W (if he can find his camera).

South Wales here we come

Transition: Over the Hill

Nice video just popped in my inbox from Mr D – a submission from Transition Bikes in which the line “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”. Highly approve of that.

So in honour of all things Transition AND the impending South Wales mini-extravaganza this weekend in Cwmcarn, Afan and BPW (if time allows):

Over The Hill from Transition Bikes on Vimeo.

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