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Frame damage

Mended Specialized FSR

So good news from Mr F – his replacement chainstay has arrived from those lovely people at Specialized so after borrowing Matt’s and Marks 29ers, he’s back on his ride for this weeks TFIT.

As you can see in the gallery below, things are looking MUCH better…


Something in the water?

So I’ve got no idea what’s going on down here in deepest, darkest Surrey at the moment, but whatever it is, it’s having a catastrophic effect on certain bike frames.

As well as my Transition Bandit shuffling off this mortal coil, right at the end of last night’s ride we had another “frame-tastrophe”. Steve F was piling along as per normal, and suddenly caught a root / rock / something on the trail. A minor wobble ensued but nothing Steve could not handle.

Then he heard a “noise”, looked down and as the image above shows, yet another frame chainstay had bitten the dust. I guess it could have been a lot worse,  as in we could have been hammering down Marbles… Thankfully we were mostly on the flat at the time.

He really doesn’t do things by half does our Stephan!

So all TFITers need to keep an eye out for Stumpy FSR 2013 29er frame spares and watch those roots everyone.

My Transition Bandit is Dead. Long live my xxx

Oh my God. Well, that was quite possibly the most depressing visit to my LBS I have ever had.

So, I sent my beloved Transition Bandit into Cycleworks Haslemere for some springtime TLC – you know, new go-gear and freshen up the stop gear – nothing drastic and nothing to write home about…

Well, that was until I picked up a message from Tom@Cycleworks about them “hitting a snag”. “Zut Alors!” I thought “What could it be?” and so I beetled off to the shop to see what the deal was – confident it was simply something minor that needed my approval. I was in for a bit of a surprise….

My frame is cracked!!!! F***********CK….

Yep, the lower section of my rear swingarm has a ‘developing’ crack about 1 cm long and stretching through the metal.

Now, I’ve got to be honest – I felt sick – I felt depressed – I felt sad – I felt like someone had just dynamited my cat.

I love my bike – it is fully awesome in every way and the source of sooooo much joy – and I was totally unprepared for the complete and utter emotional wrench of frame damage.

Anyway, emotional damage aside (sniff…), after speaking to the awesome and very sympathetic guys at Cycleworks I moped off home (wiping the occasional tear from my eyes…) and I started a frantic internet related search and came across this article on Singletrack which has much better photos but interestingly has the same crack in pretty much exactly the same place.

Thankfully (unlike the guy in the above post) I am the original owner of my Bandit, so, right now I’ve dug out all the proof of purchase stuff I’ve got and need to get this passed through to Transition who have, in addition to their standard frame warranty, a crash replacement policy:


In addition to our warranty, all Transition Bikes frames are covered for life under our “Crash Replacement Policy” to the original registered owner. If for any reason (and we do mean “any” reason) you should find yourself with a broken frame, you may send us the broken frame section and we will replace it at a cost well below retail. You are responsible for all shipping costs to get the frame to and from Transition Bikes.

Which is just one more reason I fully love Transition Bikes!

The good news is, while I’m going through the motions, the very lovely Bob M has offer me the “long term loan” of his Transition Scout which I’ve ridden a couple of times in the past.

Transition’s Scout is IMHO a Bandit in all but name (but with the added benefit of GiddyUp suspension) and will very much satisfy my Transition urges while my Bandit’s frame shenanigans are resolved.

So for the moment, as Bob is fond of saying, where there is a problem there is always a solution!


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