How do you know if you’ve made the transition between ‘casual’ and ‘committed’ MTBer? Well there are probably many indicators that you’ve become addicted to the endorphin rush of riding.

Perhaps it’s when you develop an unhealthy propensity to dribble over the latest bike? Perhaps it’s the disproportionate level of excitement when you get some new kit for your bike? Perhaps it’s when you have a bad stack, get back on your bike and try it again?

Chances are it’s any or all of the above. However. my personal indicator is that when you’ve had a back stack, first thing you check is the bike (never mind the blood…)

So when James G sent me a link to a an article on Mashable, “Helmet cam captures mountain biker crashing into a bear” I have only admiration that Davis Souza, on picking himself up after ‘impacting’ with said bear (which just did not indicate when it pulled out…!), his first and automatic reaction is to start staggering back up the trail – clearly to check his YT.

I’m glad both he and the bear are OK. But what a guy!