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Don’t blame Strava

I love Strava. I absolutely hate Strava.

One of those statements is true. Or maybe it’s both….

Mostly all the TFITers Strava on a regular basis, recording the routes and segments we ride, exposing our highs and lows for all to see.

Personally I find it an extremely useful way of showing me if I’m on pace (or not) going downhill but if I’m honest more for the uphills. Bottom line is, it’s a fantastic app if you ride or indeed run.

So I was interested in a link James G sent me on vitalMTB to an article saying MTBs are being banned in a Californian County by a ‘far sighted’ Los Altos local government based on, yep you guessed it… Strava times.

Apparently this is due to complaints by horse riders and hikers that the riders have been ‘going to fast’ – ‘proven’ by some litigious individual by using the recorded Strava times as ‘definitive’ evidence.

I find it astounding that someone has been able to argue this successfully without anyone pointing out that the majority of people who ride a) are not Aaron Gwin and b) probably don’t even use Strava. I wonder how they decided what constitutes ‘going to fast’ – would that be just the top ten riders down the trail or are the collective MTBers of Los Altos all clones of the Athertons? Just… Oh… My… God!

I can just imagine what would happen if someone tried to implement that here. Also, it would be fascinating to see what effect it would have. Less than none I suspect.

UPDATE: Check out a post from TimFromWales on why we should all #StandUpForStrava.

Anyway, on the good news front – my new Bell Super 2 MIPS helmet has arrived (thank you Wiggle) to replace the crash impacted old one. And it fits the old chin strap like a charm. And it looks awesome. And it’s got red bits. And my cat likes it as well – sweet!




Strava… such a creative way to make me feel crap

So, I absolutely love Strava and I absolutely hate Strava.

It’s an awesome app and who doesn’t have a slight smile when they clock a PB or even the rarest of rares a KOM ride. However, equally, how I hate it when I nail a fantastic run… and I’m still 15 seconds behind someone (… Steve)

However, hats off to the folks at Strava for these little nuggets of joy created at – videos summing up your 2015 riding in all it’s glory or infamy.

And I completely laughed my ass off when I saw mine compared to Steve’s. Steve gets all his KOMs in the video and I get all my Kudos!

I think Strava could only have improved that if when it got to the KOM bit it just played an animation of a tumble weed blowing by….

However, top marks to Mark T who has come up with the quote of the year and it’s only January 4th:

“…My mile : height ratio and indeed height : hour ratio are in fact higher than Steve’s”

Strava stats are awesome. Well, at least they are for people other than me!

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