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Sort of for James

James G sent me a nice video (well at teaser video) of Surrey Hills regulars Sam Pilgrim and Sam Reynolds this morning. So I tried to find the video on YT (Facebook does not like me inserting it’s videos… – damn Facebook – eh Matt?) but with no joy, however I did find this one posted earlier this month.

So in honour of Steve’s vid from yesterday which included his triumphal besting of the S4P third line I give you the “Sam’s” doing scary, scary stuff.

Doing my best to make TFIT this evening but all is dependent on the new job!



So Steve WAS lost

I thought it was more than a couple of “double back on yourself” moments!

Yes, apparently during last night’s TFIT, Steve took us via Swindon – or at least according to┬áBrendan Fairclough et al he did. Top find by Steve F on PinkBike

So this is the “new downhill” that we had a go at last night. Obviously we tackled it exactly the same as Tom Grundy‘s excellent video shows. I think this sort of sums up why you go riding does it not?

And we did it in the dark!

And we were at least 150% more crap

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