So, following on from Storm Emma (or Maureen if you’re a TFITer) the snow has finally started to melt and there might just be a “wiff of spring” in the air today.

And in 2018 – spring for me means one thing – we have officially reached “bike fiddling” time!

For me, this year’s fiddle is a good one too – Ive been procrastinating (some would say obsessing…) about brakes since we came back from Les Arcs in the summer after yet another end-of-trip-melty-brake experience.

Everything on the Scout was awesome – except once again my brakes. So for 2018, we’re going hardcore, we’re going full on,  we’re going “rip your face off and eat a tree when you even LOOK at the brake levers”. All of that good stuff.

Yep, I’ve just ordered a fresh set of (red… it matters) Hope Tech 3 V4 brakes from the lovely guys down at MB Cyclery in Haslemere. The ever helpful Matt and Tom down there have seen me right and a fresh set of brakes and floating rotors will be winging there way to Surrey shortly.

I’m excited, I’m a bit scared, I can almost hear Bob M’s sigh of relief at my decision and I’m definitely quite a few £ lighter than I was this morning, HOWEVER, this is a long overdue upgrade.

And speaking of MB Cyclery, the guys down there are undergoing a bit of an upgrade themselves with a massive increase in the size of the workshop area. Not only does it look rather cool and have a very fetching “you just need to lean on it and drink an expresso” counter but they also have a certain Brendan Fairclough’s ex-Rampage rig on show.

Now that is a bit of kit thats seen some action. Nice…