So today is not a good day. I woke today to a flurry of Whatsapps from the collective TFITers – Mark T has only had his shed broken into by some world class sh*tbag.

And they’ve stolen not only his Specialized but also his Geometron.

Once again I sigh at the complete and utter f*ck-facedness of some of the world’s population. It may not be very PC, but I genuinely wish this person misfortune in their life. I hope, with all my heart, karma delivers them to a police station in the very near future.

Or even better, I hope the TFITers find out who it is and we get to them first.

Anyway, that said, if you reside or ride in Surrey or specifically the Surrey Hills and you happen to see a Mojo/Nicolai Geometron Ion 13 (silver) either on the trails or in a LBS please do drop me a line – I would very much be persuaded to offer a not insubstantial reward for the Geometron’s safe return.