noun informal

  1. Originating in South-East London as a slang term referring to something which is dubiously sweaty. Can be used as a derogatory term for a person.

e.g. “Ewww, he’s a bit swenge” or “I get really swenge when I run

Helmet Swenge

/Hell-met sw-EN-j/

noun very-informal

  1. Made up by me last night as I felt the need to take my helmet into the post-ride shower because it was so vile and foul smelling it nearly made Mrs M vomit on the spot.

e.g. “(Mrs M) Oh my God, go away, you really smell. (Me) That’s not me, that’s my helmet swenge


So my top tip of the day is for the sake of domestic bliss, you need to get rid of your “Helmet Swenge” (and let’s be honest, if you’re riding at the moment you WILL have Helmet Swenge) by taking your lid into the shower with you.

Shower Gel helps.

You look weird.

But it helps