Transition Bikes. I love em. I do. I’m biased, massively, I accept that, but when you love a thing that’s just the way it is and you have to embrace it.

So it is with no small amount of squeaky excitement I just read on PinkBike that the lovely people at Transition Bikes in Bellingham, WA have only gone and released two, yep read it TWO new bikes!

So I’ve beetled on over to the Transition site to check them out.

Both Carbon frames you say? Frame weight 3lbs you say. Super slack geometry you say. Very, very much gravity focused you say. Nom nom nommy nomster nom I say.

I think the Vanquish has it in the all-time-most-awesomely-named-bike department but I confess a bit of wee came out when I saw the Throttle.


Smack me with a banana – I think I’ve finally found my mythical winter bike although there is no sign of them on the Windwave website yet.



Check out the Throttle and the Vanquish on Transition’s site. Now, how do I raise that n+1 conversation this evening…?