Yep it’s true. I’m thinking about this a bit too much!

We have a little over 3 months until we hit Les Arcs this summer for a weekend of MTB related shenanigans and on the Saturday of the weekend, Emily Horridge from The Inside Line is taking us on a little adventure up a small hill (I wish) called Mont Jovet.

Despite starting at the highest point possible in La Plagne we still have 500m to climb up to the summit with a “20-30 minute hike a bike” which I’ve heard described as “the hardest climb [on a bike] of my life”.


However I should caveat this by saying the descent from Mont Jovet has also been described as “the best descent of my life”. If I’m honest, I’m clinging onto that second description rather than the former.

However, in tribute to this current of my many obsessions take a look (specifically Mark T) at this “because it’s Friday” video from Yann L on YouTube: