So I know one or more TFITers have been known to peruse this blog on a Friday morning.

Partly because “obviously” they love the blog but also partly because they will be munching on breakfast trying to ignore that well earned post-TFIT feeling. For the none-TFITers out there, that’s the feeling you get when you’ve ridden 1 mile and consumed 1 pint too many…

Anyway, to that end I thought I’d post a couple of highly amusing “Because it’s a pre-TFIT Thursday” videos ready to help that coffee slip down tomorrow morning – to which I must give kudos to Leigh B for sharing.

The first is a simply stunning video on called Dreamride 2 – which MBR suggested might be the best MTB film of the year already – and you know what, they might be right.

But surely a close contender is T-REX on an MTB by Matt Jones who has proved once again that people who ride MTB are 169.9% funnier than normal human beings. What a legend!