I will not explain that post title any further. You kind of had to be there to witness it first hand.

However, I’m very much still laughing.

Anyway – twas another excellent TFIT last night out to Hascombe and back around the White Horse for a bit of Hascombr joy n’ giggles. And a well done to Carl for his second TFIT as well as sharing driving duties with David D!

The trails were mostly dry (if you exclude the large muddy bits that I managed to find with fair regularity) and as we start heading towards “CLOCK CHANGE DAY” things are firming up quite nicely down here in the wilds of Surrey.

Mr F had his replacement chainstay installed on his Spesh FSR and I was enjoying my last ride on Bob M’s Scout before mine is built hopefully next week.

To that end, look what the Rockshox faeries have provided. Yep it’s all going a bit 150mm Pike up front on the Scout. Not much more travel but just a ‘bit’ more. It’s well within the bounds of acceptability for the Scout (so say Transition) so we’ll see what it feels like when I get on the trails.

Aside from giving me a bit more bounce the Pike is slightly lighter than my Fox Float Kashima 140s, not by much I think, but every little helps as they say. And not that this matters, except it does, they match the Rockshox shock on the back of the Scout frame! Yum…