It’s a sad day today. I’m saying goodbye to a dear and beloved friend…. *sniff*… my Transition Bandit. Yeah, today is “wrappy up da frame” and send down to the lovely guys at Windwave ready for my new Transition Scout replacement.

Ah, I will miss my Bandit so very much but I’m content that even though she’s going back to the great “Bellingham, WA in the sky” while she’s been with me it’s been one hell of a ride.

My Bandit, bless every inch of her “awesome redness”, was without a doubt the best bike I’ve owned (so far). It’s taken me safely me down trails I never thought I could, and unseated me on more than one occasion just to put me in my place!

She’s made me look good when I was riding bad just as much as it made made me look bad when I thought I was riding great. She taught me I “could” just let go of the brakes and trust the bike when I thought I couldn’t and showed me I could have just as much fun in a bike park as I could on my local trails. Simply an infinitely better bike than I could ever be as a rider.


I guess if the definition of a great bike is “how wide is your post-ride smile” (and I ask you, is there any other?) then I know that even though I will have a tear in my eye when I seal that box tonight, I can tell you it will be more than compensated by the size of the smiles at the memories.

RIP Chris G’s Transition Bandit 650b: 2014 -2017