So I’ve got no idea what’s going on down here in deepest, darkest Surrey at the moment, but whatever it is, it’s having a catastrophic effect on certain bike frames.

As well as my Transition Bandit shuffling off this mortal coil, right at the end of last night’s ride we had another “frame-tastrophe”. Steve F was piling along as per normal, and suddenly caught a root / rock / something on the trail. A minor wobble ensued but nothing Steve could not handle.

Then he heard a “noise”, looked down and as the image above shows, yet another frame chainstay had bitten the dust. I guess it could have been a lot worse,  as in we could have been hammering down Marbles… Thankfully we were mostly on the flat at the time.

He really doesn’t do things by half does our Stephan!

So all TFITers need to keep an eye out for Stumpy FSR 2013 29er frame spares and watch those roots everyone.