Best… Day… Ever?

So as I wrote a couple of weeks ago, my trusty Transition Bandit acquired a deeply disturbing crack in the chainstay – “oh the humanity” – “oh the emotional carnage”.

I’ve got to confess, despite having Bob M’s Transition Scout on loan I have been slightly wallowing in a puddle of depression ever since. I mean… my bike… it’s dead… *sob*…. what was I going to do?

However I’m extremely glad to report that today brings AMAZING NEWS – I’m getting a replacement frame – and its a Transition Scout 650b (in Stealth Black – yeeehahh).

I have been glued to the internet over the last few weeks, looking at frames from everywhere and everyone as a rising tide of “not riding panic” began to grip me. There are some lovely bikes out there at the moment, however lovely as they are, I realised (reinforced by a few cheeky rides out on Bob’s Scout) I could not face being unable to ride a Transition steed of some kind as my main trail weapon of choice.

IMHO the Scout is a true “spiritual replacement” to the Bandit in every way. Riding Bob’s Scout is such a “familiar” experience and it loves – just LOVES – the point of the ride when gravity becomes your friend and you let go of the brakes. Last night’s TFIT was a good case in point. Cutting loose on a Transition is the point where the “playfulness” arrives. It invites you to push harder, corner harder and smile harder!

Anyway, the lovely, lovely frame is coming (as a crash replacement – this is why I love Transition Bikes!) from the lovely people at Windwave – UK importers of all things Transition and I’m Tom at Cycleworks is going to be swapping all my go and stop kit from Bandit to Scout as soon as this can be done although I’m giving serious thought to ordering a Rockshox Pike 150mm to augment the bounce on the front.

I will write some notes on the Scout as soon as I hit the trails over the coming weeks but I am one happy rider!