So I’ve been working from home today – partially because I can but mostly because the A3 was totally foobar’d this morning and I could not face sitting in a traffic jam – life’s too short.

However, the good news is I got to get some stuff done AND I got to go out for a ride on Bob M’s Transition Scout which is all good.

So aside from making a mental note that I need to devote some time to removing the tubes from the wheels and running tubeless (sshhh – don’t tell Bob) and enjoying the ‘dry-ish’ Surrey Hills trails during the daylight in actual shorts, I’ve also spent a chunk of the day looking at MTB frames.

This has mostly considered of perusing the Transition Bikes site but also gorging myself on the multitude of bike goodness the internet has to offer.


  1. Cube Bikes are ugly. Sorry if you have one and love it but OMG they are an eyesore
  2. I love the idea of Bird Bikes (local bike for local trails…)
  3. I would still prefer a Transition Scout to a Transition Smuggler
  4. I am not clever enough to ever buy a Nicolai. I have come to terms with this and it’s all good
  5. Clearly I have a thing for red bikes

The last conclusion is based on coming across one of the most beautiful looking bikes I’ve seen in a while – the Last Clay (featured image above). Last Bikes are a German direct sales outfit but are new to me but OMG that bike is just a thing of beauty. A 150mm Pike and Deluxe RT, DT Swiss, Kore and SRAM bedecked wonder.

However, at €4,000 euros for a direct sales bike I’ll enjoy looking at the pictures I think just for now.