So it’s reached that time of year on two fronts.

Firstly the time of year for the “Pizzamageddon” that is David D’s birthday (Pizza, beer, samba, peach schnapps and OMG, red wine shots…) at the Ship Inn near Guildford. I have to be honest, my kidneys hurt as much as my head today.

However, and indeed more importantly, it’s also the time of year for some Spring TLC for my Transition Bandit.

I’ve decided it’s high time I had my drivetrain, headset (I think), and bearings need a bit of attention and / or replacement. Particularly my bearings which I’ve not replaced since I bought my Bandit. So with spring starting to poke it’s nose around the corner, I figured I would avail myself of my LBS’s services.

Now Cycleworks Haslemere had just re-opened yesterday after a couple of weeks refit and I have to say the shop looks amazing. Much lighter, very welcoming (but it always was!), much more room for MTB kit and associated bling and VERY importantly a much bigger service area.

And aside from everything else the lovely guys down at CWH have very kindly let me have a go on the Stumpjumper Fattie that Mark T has been riding recently as a loaner until my Bandit is fettled and back to full health. So I advise all the TFITers to head down asap to check out the shop.

So yeah, the internet is great sometimes but do you know what – you can’t beat a great LBS.