I love my trusty sack (stick with me here).

I’m talking about the poor abused backpack that only ever rarely gets the odd hose down or any TLC after a particularly mucky ride. So when donning my Osprey Raptor 14 for this Thursday’s ride I was mightily miffed when the magnetic sternum buckle that secures my drinks hose snapped clean off but with a quick bodge and it was still good for the nights ride.

Come Friday and having had a quick look online for a replacement with no success I was starting to scratch my head as to what to do. Finding Osprey’s website I noted they offer a lifetime guarantee, so I quickly filled out the online form and crossed my fingers.

Just one hour later I had had a real human being’s response (not just some automated mailbot) saying “no problem” and that “they would send one straight out to me”.

Fantastic I thought, but I have to say I was even more impressed that it dropped on my doormat the following morning.


Now that is service in my book, and I know that when it comes to replace my reliable well thought out backpack it will almost certainly be another Osprey product.

I doff my cap to you.

Stephan F