Woop Woop. It’s another red letter day!

So we are now 171 days from wheels down in Les Arcs 2017 and things are coming together nicely. Mr F is performing sterling duties wrangling the unruly mob that is the TFITers into some kind of organised state and I’ve even managed to pay my deposit – it’s a miracle.

However the most exciting news of the day is that I’ve been in touch with the lovely Emily Horridge from www.theinsidelinemtb.com. I’ve been following Emily’s blog for a bit now after discovering her on WordPress.com but with our impending Les Arcs trip in mind it was this article on PinkBike that kicked me into gear to contact her.

The great news is that on the Saturday of our trip Emily has agreed to take us on one of her special trip days out to Mont Jovet.

Am I excited? Yep. Am I completely intimidated? You know it!

I love riding in the Alps. It is one of the highlights of my riding year and I am so utterly excited that we are going to be shown some secrets and just all round epic riding by someone who not only knows the Les Arcs trails like the back of her hand and the grins they bring but who also has more bike talent then we collectively have x10!

Anyway, if you wondering what Mont Jovet is all about, take a look at these videos from Glitchy Pics, Lars Thore Aarrestad and BicyclingSA on YouTube:

Roll on Les Arcs and do check out both Emily’s site and the PinkBike article. By the way… Mark… it’s a bit high…