Hoorah. Huzzah. It’s yet another New Year.

Despite the fact I am still suffering from #ohmygodimbackatworkwhyohwhyohwhy syndrome, and we are in the throws of January’s alternating mud/ice fest AND I’m very light in the ‘bum on seat’ time you’ve gotta love a new year with all the potential shenanigans ahead.

So last night was the first TFIT of 2017 and it was all about “slightly” new trails with Mr F leading us out to Crooksbury and Monks Hill. It was a very unfriendly -4 on the trails which is a little unfriendly but by God it was rolling well. The winter weather also lead to a severe case of ‘winteritis’ with slightly frozen droppers, brakes and very much for James G who’s YT Capra sounded like it was murdering a budgie for the entire ride.

But Crooksbury also provided a bit of a revelation – a well constructed trail with lovingly crafted berms, rollers and gaps – well done Surrey trail pixies, you’ve been busy once again. Mr F has also provided a video of the trail in the daylight – he thinks of everything!

And speaking of videos, I saw this on Pinkbike yesterday – “4 Seasons at Bike Park Wales” which is just generally and all round awesome film but is also interesting as it looks like a lot of the shots are filmed via drone. It looks awesome – helped by the fact that all the riders are rather talented!