Or should that be “Mr F learns to fly”?

So I managed to drag my butt up to the pub last night see meet up with the TFITers who had blasted around the Bowl and back. Mark T was out on a Specialized StumpJumper 27.5+ which was an interesting looking ride. I think Mark is not 100% convinced with the plus setup and will be glad to be back on his normal steed asap – a small review may follow (Mark?).

Post ride (or post walk for some… ahem), conversation turned in two directions – Les Arcs and the impending arrival of a DJI Phantom 3 Pro…

I think Steve will be making a chalet reservation in the imminent future (woohooo) and it looks like Tig and Craig D may be up for driving duties – well done chaps.

So the drone – well yep, Mr F has only gone and bought one – a DJI Phantom 3 Pro for work purposes obviously – but also I suspect for the joy of filming the occasional MTB outing… including perhaps Les Arcs 2017…? I’ll pester Mr F for a fuller review when it’s actually arrived – and actually been used!

I’m still slightly amazed that over the last couple of years we have not seen a squadron of drones buzzing around in Morzine – either private or commercial. I read a while ago that there was an active debate about people flying drones in the mountains and how the resorts should respond to it i.e. Issuing a limited number of licences or something similar. I guess the concern is that everyone who rides in Alps seems to have a Go Pro – imagine if everyone similarly had a drone! With prices on these things dropping all the time I guess it’s only a matter of time before the mountains are echoing with the sounds of small buzzing things hitting trees, rocks, etc, etc and their owners sobbing at the results.

Personally I am all in favour of responsible usage to get some killer footage – there is only so much head/chest/bar/arse cam footage you can watch….

And speaking of Les Arcs and drones and MTB and seeing as it’s Friday – have some YouTube goodness on me: