So we definitely have momentum. Slow, almost intangible, but it is definitely there. Yes, collective minds are trying really hard to ignore the sub-zero temperatures and think about Les Arcs 2017.

Mr F has sent out a couple of mails with some very tidy looking chalet suggestions, either catered or self-catered, and very much comparable (dare I say slightly cheaper?) than Morzine / Les Gets.

Catering for yourself on an MTB weekend is always a giggle (does help obviously if various of the attendees can cook… ah, the fondly remembered Morzine roast of Mr C and Mr D…) but it is also very nice if following a day of riding some lovely person makes and brings you food. And cake. Don’t forget the cake…

So I think at this stage my “slowly moving momentum thoughts” are leaning towards the catered option but as always we will go with the group I suspect.

Now speaking of “momentum” and indeed Les Arcs MTB, the Les Arcs Enduro 2 event is about to open for 2017. Not that we will be doing this but I DO like the look of those trails.

You can check out the full post here on PinkBike, but for those of us in attendance, take a look at the event video. Is that does not blow away some winter cobwebs, nothing will.


218 days and counting…