So I’ve been AWOL of late, in more ways than one. AWOL on the bike as I’ve foolishly ripped my elbow tendons (long story, involved a 3lb lump hammer, a wrecking bar and a loss of temper) and AWOL on the blog as well.

However, we’ve reached the end of the year and collective TFIT minds have been drifting to thoughts of “Alpine Shenanigans” next year. So for 2017 the current thinking is Les Arcs rather than Morzine.

It’s not that we’re bored with Morzine (or at least I’m not) but the temptation of riding something new and slightly different is always a winner (and it’s a “significant birthday” for Mark T – so he’s gets to choose!). Les Arcs came up as in conversation this summer when we were discussing “where else can you ride in the Alps with uplift” and we realised that no-one had ridden anywhere other than Morzine. This we need to address.

Mr F is stepping up to the plate this year (nice one) as organiser and we’re heading out from 6th to 10th July. By my reckoning we are 11/12 at the moment and I think most have booked flights already.

Les Arcs is mostly a bit of an unknown right now but various confirmations and conversations (kudos to TimFromWales) have indicated that Les Arcs is very different to Morzine but no less fun or indeed challenging to ride. And to that end take a look at this video posted by Lars Thore Aarrestad on YouTube of the La Varda descent.

So that would be 232 days and counting then