Yeah, I’ve decided… it’s officially Autumn.

This has nothing to do with the weather which is still officially most pleasant at the moment. Case in point, we even managed most of last night’s post-TFIT pub session outside.

No it’s because my bike bits are all reaching a state of “terminal demise” all at exactly the same time.

Flipping typical.

It’s always the same. About this time of year I’m usually contemplating the “shiny bits I might like to put on my bike next year” which up until last night was limited to a new set of riding specs. But as I was getting the Bandit ready for TFIT I noticed that my gear cable has just about frayed right through at the shifter (which would explain why I’m not enjoying the 11 of my 1×11), my front brake needs a damn good bleed and I need new rear brake pads as they are as thin as a roadie on a diet.

Now maybe it’s the Yorkshire man in me (you know, we’re like the Scottish except with all the generosity squeezed out) but it grates soooo much that just as the weather is about to turn the trails into “gloopy-puddles-of-gloop-with-super-component-destructing-powers-of-death” I end up putting new kit on which I just KNOW is not going to last through to spring next year.

I personally suspect the engineers at Shimano are so clever they construct their things to self-destruct just when you least want them to. And all at the same time. And usually a week before I get paid. I’m telling you, it’s a conspiracy and just remember you heard it here first.

So I guess I will be LBS bound this weekend for some supplies of gear cables, brake fluid and brake pads.

And I suspect a chain.

And possibly a cassette.

And how’s that rear-mech looking…?