So I’ve been a bit crap. And it’s been noticed. Yes, I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging for a while. Mostly cos’ I’ve been super busy at work although arguably cos’ I’m a bit of lazy git.

ANYWAY. Morzine is over for this year and we are back into the throws of TFITs. There has been a long absence of monster rides over the latter part of the summer but last week was back into the flow of things. We had a new TFITer out – Hoong K who had a cracking ride on his super sexy and very bling Santa Cruz 5010 C (Solo Goddamit…) a very, VERY nice bit of kit.

Not jealous. Much

So last week as we were welcoming Hoong into the fold, Mark T uttered the portentous phrase “Shit just happens on a Thursday”. How true indeed. And doubly so as mere seconds later the end of summer storm that had been building all day finally broke over the White Horse in Hascombe and hit the pub sign.

There was a collective “Holy F*ck” and a collective dive for cover. Heads were ringing and slightly “singed” and strangely we all headed into the pub for cover.

Yep, shit does indeed just happen on a Thursday.

We also had some TFITers attending a B1ke Skills course up at Peaslake this weekend, namely Steve F, James G and Hoong K. Mr F has circulated some videos of the event which I’m posting here of Secret Squirrels (where Mr F had a slight… erm… crashette?), BKB, et al.

So, another TFIT tonight – let’s try to avoid near death experiences eh?