I’m bored. Really bored. Bored of work. Bored of waiting for Thursday. Just totally and utterly bored. I have reached that stage where all I can think about is mountains. And bikes. And bikes in mountains.

So, I’ve tried squeezing MTB words into meetings (referred to myself as a “code Bandit” who “Scout‘s for errors” earlier – quite pleased with that), I’ve tried playing Wiki Races (I’m rubbish) and I’ve been the first to volunteer on the coffee making front. And it’s still not the end of the day.

So, for anyone else who is bored staring at a computer, try the “Surrey Hills MTB Going to Morzine on Thursday Crossword” of joy…



1. Favourite run?
2. Transporting peanuts
3. Malc’s new bike
5. Mexican outlaw
7. The Andy T and Peter H express
8. Bob’s least favourite game
9. Andy’s BMC
10. —-end


1. Best encased in body armour
4. Last year’s lift call
6. What Malcolm thinks on the first lift
7. Where we’re going

Ok, so that’s another 15 minutes eaten up… Oh God, it’s still only Tuesday…