So ze Bandit? She is ready….

Just finished my month-long (at least) procrastination on which tyres to fit for the Alps. I’ve “controversially” gone for Specialized Butcher Grid on the front and Maxxis High Roller II on the rear rather than my normal Schwalbe Hans Dampfs. I’ve never ridden either of these before so will be interesting to see what they make of Morzine. Not that there is anything wrong with the Schwalbes – I like them – but I figured I should try something new this trip.

I run my tyres tubeless, which I know is not everyone’s “bag of badgers”, but it works for me. Aside from, of course, the joys of getting TR tyres on the rim…

The Butcher (as are all Specialized tyres in my experience) was an absolute b*stard to get seated on the rim but I have to say the Maxxis slipped on like a dream. Maybe it had something to do with being hung up for an extra 20 minutes, but I don’t think so. But Oh My God – the Grid – is as stiff as a freshly starched cucumber that’s be frozen solid. I think it will withstand the most determined of Alpine Marmot attacks… if I’m lucky…

Both tyres are 2.30 but don’t look overly “chunky” on the Hope Enduro rims and both feel on the mucho tacky side – which is a good thing.

I’ve also fitted a fresh set of pads to my XT’s which I’m shortly off to bed in down a local lane then after that I’m gonna “move-away-from-the-bike-and-stop-fiddling-with-it-for-god’s-sake-it’s-fine-you-muppet” – to much procrastination can be a bad thing.

Oh yeah – the post title? So I was up at Tamed Earth earlier having a chat with Tom and picking up some lube and stuff and noticed a Pivot Mach (4 – I think?) in for some work. It had an awesome sticker on it which I highly approve of….