So in this time in three weeks time I’m going to be in Morzine. We’ll be into day two of riding and hopefully by now after a warm up day on Friday I’ll be dialled in to the braking bumps, the berms, the jumps and the drops.

And in preparation for that, I’ve just picked up my freshly serviced forks from Geared Up Cycles where they’ve received a massive amount of TLC from Cytec trained Steve G.

Steve has stripped and rebuilt the fork, replacing seals and fluid and generally talking to them in soothing tones. Well, that last bit may be erroneous but oh my God do they feel 1000% better than they did before.

Steve tells me that Fox forks (and shocks for that matter) are relatively speaking a doddle to service, unlike some [name deleted!!] other units which are just eye wateringly complicated and require specialist servicing. I’ve just finished setting the sag and they’ve had a very brief up the road test ride and even over that short distance I can tell what a difference it’s made.

I have a buttery smooth fork again!

So my tip of the day is if it’s been 18 months or more since you had someone look at your bounce (guilty as charged), get down to your LBS (or if you live in Surrey – go see Steve at Geared Up) and smile sweetly at them.

Oh yeah, and the other reason for loving your LBS is that when you put your fork back on and place one of the key components on upside down (ahem…) they don’t laugh at you (albeit perhaps internally) they patiently and simply point out the error of your ways…

Anyway, mechanical incompetence aside. Morzine, Les Gets, Crankworx. Yeah, that’s soon for me, the TFITers et al isn’t it (sorry to keep going on about it, but I’m getting a little excited).

However, this morning I had several texts from Leigh B about the total washout that was Crankworx Les Gets. My heart goes out to the organisers. They have put so much time and effort into it and the June weather has just not performed. I’ve just seen the current forecast and it’s more rain for the rest of the week.

However clearly it was not an issue for everyone – massive congratulations to Daryl Brown’s 1st place in Dual Speed & Style – only on his first attempt!

And if you want to see just how wet and muddy it is in the Alps, check out this video on Daryl Brown’s Facebook page showing the chaos with Sam Pilgrim, Ben Deakin, Brendan Fairclough and Sam Reynolds.

Dear God I hope it dries out over the next three weeks