So it’s a Thursday. It’s a TFIT. Sadly no riding for me tonight as I still have a mouth full of stitches after impromptu mouth excavations last week so I will console myself with going to the pub to drink some beer as I finished my antibiotics this morning.

However, with a measly three weeks (today) to go until wheels down in Morzine 2016 I find my thoughts drifting towards anything and everything to do with the French Alps.

So, I checked out Accuweather’s long range forecast for Morzine and although I realise that a long-range weather forecast in the Alps is the meteorological equivalent of an “errr… dunno” at this stage I thought I’d share the news anyway.

And the news at the moment is rain.



Beautiful before the weekend and beautiful after, but “thundery, raindroppy” type things on Friday and Saturday. But, looking on the positive side of things – that’s 50% great weather!

I’ve found that Accuweather is “mostly good most of the time” for predictions… aside from last year’s Morzine trip where the site said “torrential downpours, thunder, doom, destruction, etc” and the weekend was, well, simply beautiful.

So take it with a large pinch of salt but maybe I’ll just nip onto Wiggle and checkout those Schwalbe Hans Dampfs 27.5‘s after all…