I’ve just made the mistake of consuming a bowl of pea and mint soup from the office canteen. Don’t get me wrong, it was very tasty but it was also “thermonuclear hot” and will have, I suspect, undesirable digestive consequences.

Anyway, that’s my colleagues problem. However while I was waiting for the tongue-melting soup to cool I did have the chance to checkout PinkBike and their latest post on Crankworx.

It’s a brilliant review with some cheeky predictions for the event (I have my fingers crossed for Tahnee Seagrave) but I confess I was mesmerized by the preview of the new Crankworx downhill course.

I suspect if that route is still open in July it will have significantly less vegetation and significantly more braking bumps (!!!) although that starting ‘gap’ (does that even do it justice?) looks fun….

That would be fun in a sort of “weeeeeeeeee… crunch… ahhrrrgghhh” kind of way!