So the Transition Smuggler – is it the fastest bike in the west? David D (and I suspect Matt W) certainly agree and so does by the looks of things (thanks to James G for the link).

They posted an article looking at Alex “Krunk Shox” McGuiness’ Smuggler, which helped him power to first place by some 11 seconds at the GoPro Mountain Games Enduro event.

It’s well worth a read, if you have or are thinking about buying a Smuggler or indeed if only for the kit choice on the bike. I’m very interested in Alex’s tyre choice of Specialized Butcher and Ground Control Grids (with impending Alpine things on he horizon). These could be definite contenders for my Transition Bandit.

Oh and also – massive kudos to Stephan F who put in a massive performance at the Tidworth Enduro this weekend and only went and picked up a 6th place!