They happen far less frequently than I’d like but I’m glad to report that last night was a classic amongst classic TFITs.

The whole crew were out for the first time in a long while, since David D’s pizza-maggedon birthday I think, and everyone was in fine pre-Morzine form. We also managed an “old-skool” ride up to Hascombe and ending at the White Horse who’s beer was in extra-special tasty form. Oh yeah, Steve had a ‘tail-whip too far’ moment on the 17th hole on the way home. Thankfully he was ok, but it was just like Morzine Plaza two years ago.

I also realised last night we have reached the ‘golden time’ of the year.

We’ve reached the time where the sun does not set until well after 9:00pm (permitting comedy photos with fallen trees…), the trails are (mostly) dry despite recent soakings and you stand a reasonable chance of standing outside the pub talking MTB crap in t-shirt and shorts.

June is just awesome!

So last night we also saw the arrival of Malcolm’s Whyte T-129 RS and what a beauty she is too. This was only his second outing so it’ll be a while until we get a full review but after a few of us including your’s truly had a quick spin around outside Mark T’s house the initial impressions are very good. I am interested in the rear tyre clearance as Malc pointed out but I think that’s a minor thing. The bike is a looker with some nice detailing and I have to say I don’t think it looks like an overly ‘huge’ 29er – the frame is perfectly matched to the wheel size. I think Malc is very much in the “OMG what a difference stage” (the Whyte is a long way from his old Boardman) but has already noted the improved rolling and gravity assisted abilities of the bigger wheels.

So, three more TFITs until Morzine. I hope they are all as dry and as warm as this one, oh and finally, good luck to Mr F this weekend as he rides the enduro at Tidworth.