So we Surrey Hills TFITers are getting a bit collectively giddy at our impending Alpine trip (it’s now 29 days). We’ve had ‘comedy t-shirt’ suggestions for James G flying around as it is technically speaking his 40th Morzine trip.

Yep, the excitement level is starting to peak like a group of teenagers who have managed to swag a can of beer from an off-licence!


So to add to this general level of giddiness I thought I’d share a video I found on the Morzine Source Magazine site – “Building for Crankworx: Behind the Scenes” shot by a local videographer Will Nangle. I’d embed it here but it’s a faceinstatwitt video so no joy.

I’d recommend you check it out – my toes curled just watching it – wonder if this is going to be accessible when we get there? Because of course I’d be very up for that.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – yeah right.