Milestone day… Milestone day…. Wooop Wooop!!

Yep, it’s just one calendar month to go or in slightly more exciting money just 23 working days (or more relevant only 4 TFITs) until wheels down in Morzine. The bad news is we are currently down to 16 (Simon H has sadly had to drop out) so we’re feverishly trying to find a co-pilot for Andy T and the MVOJ.

On the kit front I’ve finally decided to send my forks off to Mojo for a bit of an overdue refresh and will be pairing them with a new headset (possibly Hope) which I’ll review in due course.

So, quick check for all

  1. Have you got your passport? (we’re not waiting)
  2. Have you booked some insurance? (I recommend SnowCard)
  3. Have you finally finished fettling your bike? (I have not..)
  4. Have you checked-in? (for those flying)
  5. Do you have anything else left to buy?
  6. Have you paid up all outstanding monies into the BAOJ? (the answer is no for a few of you…. please settle as soon as you can or look for a shouty” email from me if you haven’t)
  7. Have you been riding enough ….? (erm… no)
  8. Bob – have you removed all spurious items from your backpack?
  9. Have you acquired a loud and obnoxious Hawaain shirt? (oh yes…)
  10. Have you agonized and I mean REALLY agonized over your tyre choice… again… cos I do every year… pointlessly…
  11. Even Malcolm has actually gone and bought a bike (Whyte T129 RS) – again, hopefully review to follow

Lordy me, we must be nearly ready then. Also, in case you have nothing else occupying your mind – tomorrow is check-in day!

Yep, if you haven’t received your email from Easyjet yet – you should be able to check in tomorrow and download your boarding passes. Also, if you haven’t yet – you’ll need to enter your passport details. Or they won’t let you on. Probably.

So I’m quite bored of waiting now. Want to go. Videos of 2016 MTB riding have even started showing up…. *sigh*